Mic Check: Narco’s by Yung Breeze and Selfish Presley

Breeze and Selfish are on a tear lately

Fresh off a stunning album release by Selfish Presley “No Sleep” mixed, mastered and featuring Yung Breeze. These two jumped back in the studio like they never left. I mean really, did ya even leave the stu? Or do y’all just keep cookin’? Regardless, Narco’s is the serious bidness! You’re really going to dig it, go check this now! What are you still doin here?

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Mic Check: Jibba reviews the Fifine wireless microphone K025

What’s your go to mic check routine? 

For me it usually starts as a number scheme like, “Mic check 1-2—30”. Followed by some free styling about the folks around me until the sound man says to shut up. I immediately close my trap because I want the sound guy to be my best friend for the night. By that time I should have had ample time to check my surroundings. Looking for sweet spots in the sound and where not to venture towards because of feedback in the mic.

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Recently, I was testing a new microphone I had bought at a hip hop show. The Fifine K025 is truly a wireless mic. You literally, just plug into a quarter inch input jack, turn it on and go. At first glance, I loved how small of a foot print it left for storage and travel. The quality of the components and the cosmetics of the mic itself seemed to be great for the price of the unit. Back to the stage. It sounded great!

With 80 solid feet of range and 20 UHF frequencies I was able to cut out feedback from the tops and monitor speakers completely. Which, really made using this microphone for performance a whole lot of fun. I move around from one end of the stage to the other frequently and I had no worries of that god awful screeching sound.

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To set up the K025 all you will need is two AA battery’s and two AAA battery’s. I do wish FiFine Technology would have went with one battery type or the other but, It’s ok. I can definitely move past that quickly because of the quality and price of the Microphone. It really compares to higher end brands out in the market today. Add that to being compact and easy to use and I believe we’ve got a great little budget mic for sure. Plug and Go! Happy jamming folks!

Check out my video review for the Fifine K025 wireless microphone here:

Do you have a Suite Tooth?

New Music Release:

Brand new single from Jibba the Gent
Suite Tooth (feat. Ren Thomas and Raw Def) [Prod. Rico James] is now up for pre-save on spotify

* Pre-save this new release and be one of the first to hear it this week!

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* This record will be live by Friday or before!

Thank you!

Jibba the Gent makes his debut on Grind Mode Cypher

Grind Mode Cypher is a traveling cypher series featuring established Underground Hip-hop artists as well as new rising stars. Self described as “The hottest cypher series out. Bringing you new exclusive videos every week!” they really do show out. It was only right Vermont hip hop get in the action with Jarv, Mister Burns, BL SPitz and yours truly Jibba the Gent. BL Spitz and Jibba the Gent found themselves on the Upstate Underground series filmed in Malone, New York. Check out the link below to check out the visuals for the bars slayed down over a dope Pheolix Niles production on Vol. 4 of the Upstate Underground series (also available on Spotify). Trust me when I tell you this is that fire!

New music video for Chosen out now!

If you haven’t heard already, the music video for Chosen is OUT NOW! Go check it out!!

Chosen is the Intro track into The Broccoli Tree album, more importantly a peek into the life of Jibba the Gent. It’s about finding and believing in oneself, never giving up and getting what you deserve. Chosen is an intense ride into the mind of one of Vermont hip-hops best and brightest stars.

Video Filmed in Bellows Falls (Fact 8 TV studio – https://www.facebook.com/fact8tv ) Springfield, VT and Boston, MA by Matt Graham Visuals
Edited, Directed and Produced by Matt Graham Visuals

Song Written and Produced by Jibba the Gent, Matther Dean Russell and Robin Marie
Mixed and Mastered by Sky Splitter Ink

Intro: They’ve been searching (searching, searching) for one (one, one)
I’ve been pushing (pushing, pushing) forward (forward)
man I was living like an outlaw!

Come kingdom come
for thy will be done
save my soul, wash my sins
I can’t turn back now, I’ve been Chosen

Verse 1:
In the past I had no path, I was lost in the woods
gettin’ cash, whoopin’ ass, livin’ fast man things was not lookin’ good
then my partner got caught up, locked up
cuz he sold to a rat
could of told on me, but he didn’t
no he didn’t and I owe him for that
My life, hand on the mic
one hand reachin for the lime light
every time I’m rappin I’m close to god
do this for my dead get close to y’all
shit, most of y’all probably can’t relate
when ya aint doin’ good but you know you’re great
it’s a lonely place to be in these beats
the only place for me I’ve sealed my fate

Chorus x2

Verse 2:
And I know this, that’s the reason why I’m so focused
destinies in my reach my moments on its way
like seize it Johnny, grab the beat and decease it homie
watch em try and hold me down
oh no not now, never never that
pedal to the metal I’m never looking back
hang on tight, ride of your life
oh shit handle, road so dangerous
damn, y’all might wanna get out now
y’all might wanna quit bout now
cuz even when I wasn’t picked, I felt Chosen
didn’t misstep just kept on goin’
planted the seed and kept on growin
they didn’t have the vision before, well I’ll show them
wake up, bout to send this beat back to it’s maker
holy water in the face of these haters
y’all been sleepin on me since sega
now the rooms lit up like Vegas
I’m still in all black like Vader
no mask for disguise, you can look in my eyes
can’t hide it I’m a crook til the day I die
middle finger up to the po-po
will I ever take it down? hell no
I’ma kick it up a notch, steel toe
steal hearts, steal shows
what y’all still broke?
What y’all still here for?
better get up and get it if you want it
y’all pissed at a Vermonter?
I’m comin’ up runnin’ up with a fistful of dollars
and the other one uppercuts

Chorus x2

Verse 3:
Why? cuz I deserve it, put everybody first but me
Me?aint ever felt greed
whether lending my money or passin’ them trees
J-I-B-The Gent, I’ll bail you out, I’ll pay your rent
give you one of my lungs if you can’t breathe
then when you catch your first breath you say fuck me?
ahh that’s when I flip
spaz on a bitch, you aint half the man that I am
leave your body in a shadow when I stand
rip your soul out throw it in a fryin’ pan
watch the grease cook
you’re so grimey, you”re so phoney, you’re so fake
and I still don’t hate
their aint a bone in my body that relate to you
better stay out my way man, I pray for you
in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost
if you try something slick like oily roads
I’ma leave ya ass stiff like coma toast
god only knows ’bout the lonely zone I coldly roam
I’ve grown to love
man enough is enough im second to none
let me take my thrown I’m the chosen one

Chorus x2

Chosen video image

Atom Collector Records Rocks for Indies!

As an independent musician I am constantly scourging the internet looking for a way to get my music to peoples ears. Whether it be blog submissions, record labels actually looking for new music to be submitted, DJ Pools, New music platforms, etc. I try to be a part of everything I can (especially the free stuff). So, one day on my journey through the inter-webs I stumbled upon Atom Collector Records. A free platform for musicians to post their music links on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube and more! The idea behind it is a play for play model with credits being allocated for every listen you clock in said music platform. So, a play for someone on their Youtube video will earn you a play on a video of your choice. Pretty cool right? There’s also some more benefits to the idea, I was able to gain a lot of Subs and followers simply by following and communicating with the artists on the site, which is made pretty easy on Atom Collector Records. Also, there is a chat room where new ideas to make money and collaborate on music projects are discussed. This has been a huge help for me in many aspects!
Recently, they added Musicoin.org as a platform published on the site.
If you havent heard of Musicoin, you should definitely check them out! They currently pay way more than any other streaming service out there. I’ve also learned about Steemit, which is a social media platform that pays you to post. Steemit is also partnered with DTube, a service very similar to YouTube but without ads and pays the person who posts much better. If I hadn’t ever tried Atom Collector Records, I wouldn’t have found all of these services that are helping my brand so much. Also, my stats have been climbing daily and that is great to see!

Check out more info here:

Musicoin – Welcome to the future

The slogan goes like this…
“You play for free, we pay to musicians” and at .06 cents a play it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a win-win.

Crypto-currency’s first Music Streaming service has been launched (in beta)! The future is now. To the musician, get your web wallets ready to collect. For the consumer this is a free streaming service and it is ad free as well. Here is what musicoin.org has to say about it:

“Why is streaming free on Musicoin for listeners? How are musicians getting paid for streams of their music?
We are trying to differentiate ourselves and penetrate the streaming music industry, largely controlled by industry behemoths like Spotify. Unlike any other music streaming company, Musicoin will stream music for free and without ads. This, we believe, will push our platform into mainstream adoption and help create and sustain network effects for Musicoin to flourish and prosper. Miners share a portion of the mined $MUSIC for payments to musicians. For more information, please refer to our whitepaper.”

Needless to say, I have joined up as a music fan and a musician to see where this goes. (Thanks to my buddy Dark Side Josh) It feels like the possibilities are endless! I encourage all of my musician friends to research this and join up as well. I feel like its a very good look for the Indy entrepreneurs out there!
Check me out below on Music Coin.

New Release from Jibba and Jun Fargo

Jun Fargo and Jibba “The Gent” are two very different sounding artists with a similar versatility that makes for a unique collaboration everytime. Coming off of their last Vermont friendly hit single “Maple Surup”. The pair got back in the studio again with Legion beats to produce this sub thumping ode to the dreamers out there grinding every day. Ishimown may look hard to pronounce at first, but you will soon understand the language these two MC’s are speaking.

J Gibbs Engineering and Jibba The Gent – Turkey Giveaway

*UPDATE* Sheri’s Place has joined the effort and is bringing “all the fixins” to the table, making this a full Thanksgiving meal!!


Jay L Gibbs and I are teaming up to give away a FREE turkey today!

To enter the contest follow these steps:

* Watch this video and share it (sharing isnt necessary but is appreciated)

* Nominate a family or friend in need by messaging J Gibbs Engineering LLC on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JGibbsSound/

* Tell us why you are nominating this family or friend. (Touch our hearts 💖)

* Watch our new video tomorrow night 11/22 at 6PM when we reveal the winner of the Turkey and concert tickets!

🎁 Winner recieves 4 concert tickets to Jibba’s Birthday Bash with Slaine and Termanology
and the nominated family or friend wins the Turkey!

I’m Back!

Ayyooo!! Jibba has returned to the .com world with some news. First things first, how the hell are ya??!! I’m doin pretty damn good. I’ve released a new album “The Broccoli Tree” which is currently gaining steam on several platforms and garnering critical acclaim on hip hop blog sites. My favorite review has to be from Seven days VT! That was a proud moment for a little Vermonter like me. In December, I am celebrating my Birthday in Stowe, Vermont at none other then The Rusty Nail Stage! Along side the likes of Slain, Termanology, Bar None The Best, Hitmen for Hire, HVSE, Dilyrium and Modest. Hosted by S.I.N.Sizzle!! It’s looking like we will have some special guests there as well. None of this would be possible without our awesome sponsors, JGibbs Engineering and Sheri’s Place, many thanks to them!

While I’ve been busy with promotions, the website and family life, I’ve also been pursuing the makers of Super Trooper’s to include the smash hit “Maple Syrup” in their soundtrack. Recently the campaign gained some steam when Lizz Ellis of Lizz Ellis Photography approached a couple of the fellas about it at the Rhode Island Comic Con. She was able to get them to shout me out and check out the Maple Syrup music video! I think its a perfect fit for the movie, and hope they can include it. Thank you to everyone that has followed the campaign on Twitter and helped by favoriting and retweeting tweets about Maple Syrup and Super Troopers 2. So, big ups you all, Lizz Ellis, Erik Stolhanske and Paul Soter! Much love guys.

It’s hard to remember everything I’ve been working on over the past few months but, I promise to keep you all updated more frequently, as things progress. You can also sign up for my mailing list right here on the website and get a free download instantly. Once on the mailing list you will get weekly updates sent directly to your e-mail. Along with discounts on Merchandise, concert tickets and more!

Thanks for your time folks! That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep an eye out though because today I am giving away a free Thanksgiving Dinner to a family in need, with J Gibbs Engineering and Sheri’s Place.

All the best and Happy Thanksgiving,