Atom Collector Records Rocks for Indies!

As an independent musician I am constantly scourging the internet looking for a way to get my music to peoples ears. Whether it be blog submissions, record labels actually looking for new music to be submitted, DJ Pools, New music platforms, etc. I try to be a part of everything I can (especially the free stuff). So, one day on my journey through the inter-webs I stumbled upon Atom Collector Records. A free platform for musicians to post their music links on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube and more! The idea behind it is a play for play model with credits being allocated for every listen you clock in said music platform. So, a play for someone on their Youtube video will earn you a play on a video of your choice. Pretty cool right? There’s also some more benefits to the idea, I was able to gain a lot of Subs and followers simply by following and communicating with the artists on the site, which is made pretty easy on Atom Collector Records. Also, there is a chat room where new ideas to make money and collaborate on music projects are discussed. This has been a huge help for me in many aspects!
Recently, they added as a platform published on the site.
If you havent heard of Musicoin, you should definitely check them out! They currently pay way more than any other streaming service out there. I’ve also learned about Steemit, which is a social media platform that pays you to post. Steemit is also partnered with DTube, a service very similar to YouTube but without ads and pays the person who posts much better. If I hadn’t ever tried Atom Collector Records, I wouldn’t have found all of these services that are helping my brand so much. Also, my stats have been climbing daily and that is great to see!

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