I’m Back!

Ayyooo!! Jibba has returned to the .com world with some news. First things first, how the hell are ya??!! I’m doin pretty damn good. I’ve released a new album “The Broccoli Tree” which is currently gaining steam on several platforms and garnering critical acclaim on hip hop blog sites. My favorite review has to be from Seven days VT! That was a proud moment for a little Vermonter like me. In December, I am celebrating my Birthday in Stowe, Vermont at none other then The Rusty Nail Stage! Along side the likes of Slain, Termanology, Bar None The Best, Hitmen for Hire, HVSE, Dilyrium and Modest. Hosted by S.I.N.Sizzle!! It’s looking like we will have some special guests there as well. None of this would be possible without our awesome sponsors, JGibbs Engineering and Sheri’s Place, many thanks to them!

While I’ve been busy with promotions, the website and family life, I’ve also been pursuing the makers of Super Trooper’s to include the smash hit “Maple Syrup” in their soundtrack. Recently the campaign gained some steam when Lizz Ellis of Lizz Ellis Photography approached a couple of the fellas about it at the Rhode Island Comic Con. She was able to get them to shout me out and check out the Maple Syrup music video! I think its a perfect fit for the movie, and hope they can include it. Thank you to everyone that has followed the campaign on Twitter and helped by favoriting and retweeting tweets about Maple Syrup and Super Troopers 2. So, big ups you all, Lizz Ellis, Erik Stolhanske and Paul Soter! Much love guys.

It’s hard to remember everything I’ve been working on over the past few months but, I promise to keep you all updated more frequently, as things progress. You can also sign up for my mailing list right here on the website and get a free download instantly. Once on the mailing list you will get weekly updates sent directly to your e-mail. Along with discounts on Merchandise, concert tickets and more!

Thanks for your time folks! That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep an eye out though because today I am giving away a free Thanksgiving Dinner to a family in need, with J Gibbs Engineering and Sheri’s Place.

All the best and Happy Thanksgiving,