Mic Check: Jibba reviews the Fifine wireless microphone K025

What’s your go to mic check routine? 

For me it usually starts as a number scheme like, “Mic check 1-2—30”. Followed by some free styling about the folks around me until the sound man says to shut up. I immediately close my trap because I want the sound guy to be my best friend for the night. By that time I should have had ample time to check my surroundings. Looking for sweet spots in the sound and where not to venture towards because of feedback in the mic.

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Recently, I was testing a new microphone I had bought at a hip hop show. The Fifine K025 is truly a wireless mic. You literally, just plug into a quarter inch input jack, turn it on and go. At first glance, I loved how small of a foot print it left for storage and travel. The quality of the components and the cosmetics of the mic itself seemed to be great for the price of the unit. Back to the stage. It sounded great!

With 80 solid feet of range and 20 UHF frequencies I was able to cut out feedback from the tops and monitor speakers completely. Which, really made using this microphone for performance a whole lot of fun. I move around from one end of the stage to the other frequently and I had no worries of that god awful screeching sound.

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To set up the K025 all you will need is two AA battery’s and two AAA battery’s. I do wish FiFine Technology would have went with one battery type or the other but, It’s ok. I can definitely move past that quickly because of the quality and price of the Microphone. It really compares to higher end brands out in the market today. Add that to being compact and easy to use and I believe we’ve got a great little budget mic for sure. Plug and Go! Happy jamming folks!

Check out my video review for the Fifine K025 wireless microphone here: