So.802 Studios releases I’m Dead by Jibba The Gent


I’m extremely proud to present my newest video for the single I’m Dead! Filmed in Denver by Producer Colin Floom, Directed by Matthew Dean Russell with a guest appearance from none other than Chris “Birdman” Andersen, this video shines a light on my talents and mostly my ability to have a sense of humor. I don’t take myself as serious as most rappers do, my approach is humble and appreciative to the art form I use to express myself. I Love hip-hop! The Choreography is masterfully done by Kyla Beardsley White of Springfield Vermont and Kate Patterson of Denver Colorado. In my opinion it was a great collaboration and I expect most viewers would agree they captured the message. The Art crew were spot on (and really fun to work with) they were excellent people; featuring Paldo Ramirez: Art Director, Sonja Fasen: SFX Makeup and Brent Maxwell Fasen: Production Designer. They brought every scene to life in a major way. The video editor saw the story in the clips he was presented and told the story perfectly, I couldn’t be more happy with how it all came together, thank you Nicholas Deistler and I’m happy you are joining the team at So. 802 Studios. Finally, the man who saved the video Wil Evans. This video may have never came out if he hadn’t have saved that footage. Thank you Wil! If any of you viewers are ever in Denver Colorado go visit the bar at Society Sports and Spirits in Downtown Denver. You will be sure to enjoy yourself, Wil is a great guy. Now check this thing out and share it if you enjoy it :)