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The Broccoli Tree

by Jibba The Gent

Intro: They've been searching (searching, searching) for one (one, one) I've been pushing (pushing, pushing) forward (forward) man I was living like an outlaw! Chorus: Come kingdom come for thy will be done save my soul, wash my sins I can't turn back now, I've been Chosen Verse 1: In the past I had no path, I was lost in the woods gettin' cash, whoopin' ass, livin' fast man things was not lookin' good then my partner got caught up, locked up cuz he sold to a rat could of told on me, but he didn't no he didn't and I owe him for that My life, hand on the mic one hand reachin for the lime light every time I'm rappin I'm close to god do this for my dead get close to y'all shit, most of y'all probably can't relate when ya aint doin' good but you know you're great it's a lonely place to be in these beats the only place for me I've sealed my fate Chorus x2 Verse 2: And I know this, that's the reason why I'm so focused destinies in my reach my moments on its way like seize it Johnny, grab the beat and decease it homie watch em try and hold me down oh no not now, never never that pedal to the metal I'm never looking back hang on tight, ride of your life oh shit handle, road so dangerous damn, y'all might wanna get out now y'all might wanna quit bout now cuz even when I wasn't picked, I felt Chosen didn't misstep just kept on goin' planted the seed and kept on growin they didn't have the vision before, well I'll show them wake up, bout to send this beat back to it's maker holy water in the face of these haters y'all been sleepin on me since sega now the rooms lit up like Vegas I'm still in all black like Vader no mask for disguise, you can look in my eyes can't hide it I'm a crook til the day I die middle finger up to the po-po will I ever take it down? hell no I'ma kick it up a notch, steel toe steal hearts, steal shows what y'all still broke? What y'all still here for? better get up and get it if you want it y'all pissed at a Vermonter? I'm comin' up runnin' up with a fistful of dollars and the other one uppercuts Chorus x2 Verse 3: Why? cuz I deserve it, put everybody first but me Me?aint ever felt greed whether lending my money or passin' them trees J-I-B-The Gent, I'll bail you out, I'll pay your rent give you one of my lungs if you can't breathe then when you catch your first breath you say fuck me? ahh that's when I flip spaz on a bitch, you aint half the man that I am leave your body in a shadow when I stand rip your soul out throw it in a fryin' pan watch the grease cook you're so grimey, you"re so phoney, you're so fake and I still don't hate their aint a bone in my body that relate to you better stay out my way man, I pray for you in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost if you try something slick like oily roads I'ma leave ya ass stiff like coma toast god only knows 'bout the lonely zone I coldly roam I've grown to love man enough is enough im second to none let me take my thrown I'm the chosen one Chorus x2
Planes 03:49
I'm Dead 03:21


The Broccoli Tree is my newest release. This album is all about finding who I truly am as a person. The Broccoli Tree is an actual tree from an old property I grew up on. It represents my childhood and good times when the world was fresh and I felt like I could conquer it. This album was made to inspire people to try harder in life to achieve their goals and never give up.


released May 19, 2017

Executive Producer: Sky Splitter Ink
Mixed and Mastered by: Sky Splitter Ink
Artwork: Joshua Babb
Performances from: Robin Marie, Yung Breeze, Jun Fargo (Junum), Gorgeous Slim, Madscatta, Fury, Arthur Reid, Noah Jones and Vazy


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Jibba The Gent Springfield, Vermont

Jibba the Gent is not your regular, run of the mill rapper. Yes, he may have been born and raised far from any of the notable hip hop hot spots like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta in of all places, Vermont - but does locale matter when you’re able to flow with such precision it has surgeons jealous? Exactly. ... more

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